Miss Kitty Baby is a Pin-up Girl, Burlesque Starlet, and Go-Go Girl for hire. 

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At age 18 she joined the Marines and served her country with pride. After finishing her first enlistment, she knew that ‘Once A Marine, Always A Marine.’ She headed off to Alaska to become an Alaskan Fisherman for a decade. With strong hands from repairing fishing nets and handling the heavy fishing gear on the high seas, she explored the softer sides of Kitty when her boat came home for the season. Kitty Baby the Deckhand became Miss Kitty Baby the Pin-up Girl and Burlesque Performer in the few months she was home from fishing.
Kitty The Pinup:
She attended many charity events that included raffles and auctions where she was always donating her Pin-up images. Then the war happened and letters to her brother went out by the handful. When that Marine was home safe, it was time for more friends to deploy. She felt it was her duty and legacy as a Marine to support these men and women. Using some creative thinking, she imaged one could continue to raise money using these Pin-up images. The Pinup Angels were the result. Kitty gathered a fine team of pinup girls to stand with her and raise donations to send support and morale to our troops.
Miss Kitty Baby the Burlesque Dancer:
At first, she only performed burlesque for a charity show. “Just this once”, she said. Requests for appearances came in as soon as she would hit land after a long season, and once the glitter is in your veins, you can’t resist! Kitty would daydream about new acts in the long hours on the boat and sometimes run through her dance routines with her fellow deck hands as a captive audience. All the while, wearing raingear and rain boots. Although she did not practice her ‘strip’ or ‘tease’ at work, she was beloved by her audience as “The glittery girl who works on a fishing boat in Alaska!” ‘The Striptease Of The High Seas’ was born. She discovered a love for the styles of vintage burlesque and continued to often perform for charities. In her freshman year as a performer she won 1st Runner Up in the Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition, one of the country’s premier contests. Kitty has performed with Glitzkrieg Burlesque, Tempting Tarts Burlesque, acted as assistant instructor at Trixie’s Kindergarten Of Burlesque, and taught workshops at Burlycon.  She is always on call for charity events and donating performances to fundraisers. 
Go-Go Kitty
Anyone who has seen Kitty perform knows she is capable of pushing the energy to eleven. Go-Go dancing seemed like a fun activity where she could shimmy for as long as she wanted, as fast as she wanted, and no one could stop her! She danced at parties, movie premiers, and for various bands. One day she landed on stage with The Aquasonics and they adopted each other. Kitty will shake and shimmy you silly in her go-go boots and original costumes. 

Miss Kitty Baby: Coming to a stage near you in High Octane Glitter!


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